Dials of Destiny

Powerhouse props prop hire rental industrial gauges gauge pressure volt electrical hydraulic amperes kilowatts bar dials

This is just a small selection of the dials we have for you to hire. We supply a huge variety of shape and size dial and have many series of multiples or similars. If you wish to mount them within a control panel or have them linked up with tube and cable we can work […]

How about this beast of a meter?

Powerhouse props prop hire rental industrial volt meter power station control panel switchgear

Imagine showing your electricity man this monster meter. The big clear dials really stand out and the whole thing rolls around smoothly on its heavy duty casters. It would fit right in to any bunker or end of world control room and is equally cool as a stand alone object of interest.

Underwater comms submarine style.

Powerhouse Props prop hire rental industrial cold war submarine radio set equipment

You will never be out of range with one of these. Check out these 1950’s submarine radios. A very specialised technology. We have a wide variety of communication equipment from WWI, WWII, cold war equipment and some random more modern items. Radios, telephones, dictaphones, walkie talkies, modern MOD stock. Image 1 – 1 available. Image […]

Listen up. Communication is the key.

Powerhouse Props prop hire rental industrial cold war radio equipment

If you are looking for top quality comms equipment then look no further. Powerhouse stocks a large range of varied communication gear from WW1 to the present day. We have a cracking network (talking is always good) of suppliers and knowledgable people who can help us source specific communications for war drama’s, historic films or […]

Coming in loud and clear

Powerhouse Props stock a huge variety of world war 2 and cold war era testing, radio and telegraphy equipment. We have amazing contacts if you are looking for something really specific and if you need multiples.