Time to fuel up, NATO style.

Powerhouse props prop hire rental industrial green NATO gerry can fuel container holders

Pick up your Journey Extension Refillable Item here. The old, ever so popular, Jerry can design copied the world over from the original German design. A timeless design classic that is super practical. 10 available.

Fuse boxes galore; buzzing.

Powerhouse props prop hire rental industrial electrical switchgear junction boxes steel conduit isolator

These original old electrical fuse boxes are stripped and ready to go, only one has the original fuses remaining with original painted text. All empty bar one and easy to mount with predrilled holes in the back. We were certainly buzzing with excitement when they arrived. 11 available.

It’s time to think outside the box.

Powerhouse props prop hire rental industrial heavy duty black flight cases boxes large

Empty MOD hardshell cases originally used to transport delicate computer equipment cases and covered in the relevant warning stickers. 12 flight cases available.

Who doesn’t need a mobile cage without a door?

Powerhouse props prop hire rental industrial machine cages guards

These three mobile robot, machine or process guards protect the user from manufactured parts or post dropping from above. These guards would prevent the items from spilling out and hitting someone. We have also added temporary shelves and used them as storage units for large awkward objects that don’t stand by themselves. 3 available.

Need mobile rope & chain? We have you covered!

Powerhouse Props prop hire rental industrial green tote bins tins tubs crates

This is a super set of heavy industrial storage drawers with the base unit running on strong casters with two nestled drawers on top. You can also see a small selection of the rope and chain we stock. From cargo nets and shipping ropes, to these old gym climbing ropes and block and tackles. We […]

Tool storage at it’s finest

Powerhouse props prop hire rental industrial green tool workshop cabinet drawers

Industrial machinist cabinets are well designed and just wonderful to look at. Powerhouse Props has a really good variety of them to hire. This gorgeous, green goddess is a stunner with a full set of drawers. The little folded tin compartments within can house all your tiny tools and fixtures and fittings.