The beautiful classic Holophane

Powerhouse props prop hire rental Industrial Holophane Glass Pendant Light Lighting

Reclaimed from a variety of industrial and MOD sites. A variety of size and shape available. Feel free to use water based paints to age them. We love these so much we have them hung at home. Image 1 – 12 available. image 2 – 100 available.

The future is bright

Powerhouse Props prop hire rental industrial flood light lights bunker apocalypse lighting

Heavy cast aluminium body with glass shades. They arrived finished in a lovely variation of green brown colours and with scratches and dirt build up. 42 available.

Gas lighting in a good way.

Powerhouse props prop hire rental industrial bullfinch tripod search spot gas light

We love these old galvanised Bullfinch gas tripod lights. The strong tripods are adjustable and come with the lamp. Feel free to rewire it and dirty it up a bit more. 1 available.

Lets shed some light on this scene.

Powerhouse props prop hire rental vintage medical surgical ward operating tripod lights

Medical lights, camera, action! Three matching lights and a couple of randoms. All adjustable and on wheeled bases. The largest has a counter balance and is very tall when in the upright position. 5 available.

Light up your life and your set

Powerhouse Props prop hire rental industrial flame proof lights

Powerhouse Props have a huge range of lighting from pristine clean to dirty filthy. Glass, metal, explosion proof, enamel, bulkhead and machinist. Powerhouse Props stocks multiples of industrial lighting in various states of cleanliness. If you need 100 bulkhead lights for your zombie film or 100 holophanes for your futuristic apocalypse or even 100 machinist […]

Lights, camera and action.

Powerhouse props prop hire rental industrial holophane lights

Whenever you need to hire original industrial lighting Powerhouse Props has what you need. We stock a large amount of Holophane, bulkhead lights, machinists, explosion proof, knackered and old disaster lights!