Foot driven drill press

Powerhouse props prop hire rental industrial foot operated pillar drill

This wonderful drill stands at roughly 5ft tall and would have been a key bit of kit back in its day. It must have been pleasing to use with its treadle multi speed belt drive. Okay, it doesn’t work as it has a few important pieces missing but who cares? It looks great.

Our wonderful mill cart trolley

Powerhouse props prop hire rental industrial cast iron wheel trolley mill cart

This is our four wheeled friend that works so well and carries great loads! It has its original woodwork and rust as far as we can tell. I bet this old mill cart has seen some graft over the years. This industrial mill trolley cart is suitable for many a scene.

The correct load of course

Powerhouse props prop hire rental industrial lab testing weight equipment

This cool bit of kit reminds us of a slot machine. It has some aesthetically pleasing details and is a pretty chunky industrial instrument.

Who doesn’t need a mobile cage without a door?

Powerhouse props prop hire rental industrial machine cages guards

These three mobile robot, machine or process guards protect the user from manufactured parts or post dropping from above. These guards would prevent the items from spilling out and hitting someone. We have also added temporary shelves and used them as storage units for large awkward objects that don’t stand by themselves. 3 available.

Hot off the press. Vintage print press machines.

Powerhouse props prop hire rental industrial printing press red vintage

These are a cool little pair of vintage printing presses. Incomplete but still rather grand, they should each have an inking roller – if you find any let us know. We like the way their aesthetic and functionality – a very clever little machine which really did make a huge difference in the world of […]

This is not a stitch-up!

Powerhouse props prop hire rental industrial singer machine leather stitching old vintage

An unusual eye catching Singer sewing machine specially designed to stitch leather. A heavy, rusty cast item with lots of parts missing and that just looks cool. We imagine it would be great for heavy fabrics such as denim also but we aren’t good at tailoring and it doesn’t work, so we will leave the […]

Looking for industrial machines? Look no further.

Powerhouse props prop hire rental industrial farming farm heavy duty machine frame

The daily grind… Powerhouse stocks a range of machines chosen for their design aesthetic, scale and patina. This farming brute is all cast iron with an impressive base presently mounted on wooden skids. An essential tool for any farm but could also get passed off in an industrial, apocalypse or zombie setting. Wheels turn by […]