A rare original pump truck

Powerhouse props prop hire rental industrial pallet truck old rusty

This rare 1960’s Atlas original pump truck must have moved a mountain over the years. It has been rescued from a back yard and has been neglected and long forgotten until now. We will see if we can get it functioning again.

Foot driven drill press

Powerhouse props prop hire rental industrial foot operated pillar drill

This wonderful drill stands at roughly 5ft tall and would have been a key bit of kit back in its day. It must have been pleasing to use with its treadle multi speed belt drive. Okay, it doesn’t work as it has a few important pieces missing but who cares? It looks great.

Our wonderful mill cart trolley

Powerhouse props prop hire rental industrial cast iron wheel trolley mill cart

This is our four wheeled friend that works so well and carries great loads! It has its original woodwork and rust as far as we can tell. I bet this old mill cart has seen some graft over the years. This industrial mill trolley cart is suitable for many a scene.

Rusty and battered old zombie bedside cabinets

Powerhouse props prop hire rental industrial rusty cabinets cupboards

Rusty, dirty, grimy, battered, old cabinets; what is there not to love about this bedside pair? We have lockers, storage units, tables, benches, shelves…all sorts of unusual furniture. Zombie apocalypse or end of the world scenarios covered with our extensive range of original industrial furniture. 4 available.