How about this beast of a meter?

Powerhouse props prop hire rental industrial volt meter power station control panel switchgear

Imagine showing your electricity man this monster meter. The big clear dials really stand out and the whole thing rolls around smoothly on its heavy duty casters. It would fit right in to any bunker or end of world control room and is equally cool as a stand alone object of interest.

Make your own scientific breakthrough with this kit.

Powerhouse props prop hire rental vintage industrial microscope optical lab specimen testing equipment

From cool old desk lamps, old ledgers, apothecary bottles and drawing equipment to mad scientific instruments in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Take a look at some of the close up images of the items displayed on this classic old constructors desk.

Coming in loud and clear

Powerhouse Props stock a huge variety of world war 2 and cold war era testing, radio and telegraphy equipment. We have amazing contacts if you are looking for something really specific and if you need multiples.